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The Bio-Emulation approach to direct composites


9:00h – 17:00h CEST (UTC+2)

Exclusive closed webinar

maximum of 15 participants

The Bio-Emulation approach as written in structural analysis and visual synthesis defined the new bases to consider for replication of natural tooth structures with composite resin. The penta_laminar concept represents the ultimate implementation of this philosophy: analysing different ageing stages to build a dynamic shade concept that adapts to nature. By analysing the key factors of natural structure’s ageing process and applying this knowledge to the material selection, it is possible to simplify techniques to make them approachable in all situations. From a bi-laminar technique to the penta_laminar technique we can learn to adapt our work in order to optimise the clinical outcome achieving cost-effective treatments to cover our patients needs and expectations.

Theoretical Program

  • Introduction to color in dentistry.
  • Basic color parameters: hue, chroma y value.
  • Translucency as value modulator.
  • Texture as value modulator.
  • Opalescence and fluorescence: myths and legends.
  • Bio-Emulation: a new approach to color in dentistry.
  • Optical properties of dental structures.
  • 3D anatomy: enamel vs dentin.
  • Understanding dental tissues ageing process.
  • Photography as shade analysis tool: advanced photo protocol overview.
  • The penta_laminar concept: a dynamic layering approach.
  • Practical Implementation: is it possible to simplify?
  • Emulating nature with a limited amount of shades. Simplification criteria.
  • Clinical application.
  • The tri_laminar concept: a simplified vision for posterior restorations.

Practical Program (Demo)

  • Demo Class IV restoration with advanced technique (young tooth).
  • Demo Class I restoration with simplified technique.

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