4h30min webinar originally broadcasted on 6th June 2020


For over two decades I have routinely utilised rubberdam for isolation and yet I learnt so much more in this Epic Isolation course.

The only problem I have with this webinar is that I learned so many things in one time that I already know I will forget a lot. I would like to review this webinar once in a while to improve my skills step by step. A kind of start-to-isolate II. Many thanks for the opportunity to participate and I hope there will be more of this in the future!

WOW! the BEST ISOLATION course i have attended so far…. Thank you for sharing such a high quality high on information presentation! a practical & very useful one!

Thank you for a fantastic and very detailed course quite unlike others which i have attended before.

Thanx for at very good training. Nice with a lot of practical things we can use Monday as ordinary dentists

Truly fantastic theoretical and practical approach of the webinar. Well organised. I feel very motivated to try and approach the failure free dentistry of Stephane and David!

Thank you for providing such an excellent educational session.  I’ve been using RD since I graduated in 1981 and I thought I was pretty good but there were still things that were valuable to me in that session.  Excellent value.  

Just great!

It was really great experience, it was long but it didn’t felt tiring. The mixture of clinical, theoretical explanations gave a better understanding on the given problems and how to solve them. Overall I’m really impressed and I will recommend it to my colleagues!

I regularly employ rubber dam isolation for my restorative work and quite adept at using it, yet I picked up numerous tips and tricks from these two masters. I am very happy with the content and the quality of this webinar. It was excellent.

The surveys speak on their own!


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These exceptional times definitely call for an ultimate and new way of practicing restorative and prosthetic dentistry.

The COVID-19 virus has made the rubber dam the best way to protect both patient and dentist.

Since its introduction in 1864 the presumed use of rubberdam in multiple dental procedures has increased. Nevertheless, in daily practice the use is not so widely spread as one would expect. Many reasons or excuses are being given not to use this simple means of isolation. The idea is simple, the practical execution is another story.

Join us in this exceptional four hours LIVE webinar to discover why rubber dam isolation is our best ally in our clinical reality. Learn from the two masters of isolation how to perform an easy and predictable isolation for your patients.

During the masterclass, different clinical situations will be explained and demonstrated live on phantom head. Sub-gingival cavities on posterior teeth, mixing deep isolation procedures and restorative armamentarium, veneer and crown adhesive cementation and much more situations will be addressed.


  • Essential Materials
  • Failsafe Strategy
  • Leakproof Techniques
  • Clinical Illustrations
  • Extensive Demo:
    • Deep sub-gingival cavities
    • Matrixing
    • Crown/Veneer isolation


  • Know the criteria for the right materials to use.


  • Develop and use the strategy to predictably isolate the operation field, even in 
difficult situations – master the techniques to isolate.


  • Develop a creative mind to come up with new solutions if needed.


Stephane Browet

Stephane Browet


Stephane Browet was born in 1972 in Asse, Belgium. He finished dental school at the Free University of Brussels in 1995. He there then followed a Post Graduate program Aesthetic Dentistry.

From 2002 till 2005 he was active in the Scientific Board Conservative Dentistry at the Institute for Continued Education of the Society of Flemisch dentists. He also is a past board member of the Belgian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry. Past board member and member of the Academy of Microscope Dentistry. Past member of the European Society of Microscope Dentistry. Active member of the Bio-Emulation Group. 

From 1999 on he teaches -nationally and internationally- rubberdam isolation, microscope dentistry, posterior & anterior composites, indirect restorations, cracks. He combines this with a private practice focused on microscope aided restorative dentistry.

David Gerdolle

David Gerdolle


David Gerdolle was born in Epinal (France) in May 1970, and is gratuated from the Dental University of Nancy (1993). He has then achieved a number of Postgraduate Diplomas from the Universities of Paris and Gothenburg, in Oral and Osteo-articular Biology, Implantology, Prosthodontics and Adhesive Dentistry.

David has been member of the teaching staff of the University of Nancy between 1993 and 2005, and he is running a private practice in Vevey-Montreux (CH) since 2006. His practice is dedicated to conservative and minimal invasive dentistry. David is currently directing a Postgraduate Certificate at the University of Paris (F).

He is lecturing world-wide in seminars and congresses, he is also giving hands-on courses and performing live demonstrations on patients in the field of adhesive and minimally invasive dentistry.As an author or an co-author, David has published widely in scientific national and international journals on this topic.








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