Introducing the Bio-Emulation EPIC Webinar Series: Bridging Science and Art in Dentistry

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey at the intersection of science, art, and dental excellence? Look no further! Welcome to the Bio-Emulation EPIC Webinar Series, where innovation meets precision, and nature inspires technology.

What Is Bio-Emulation?

At the heart of our webinars lies the commitment to Bio-Emulation: the art and science of replicating the natural form and function of teeth through minimum intervention dentistry. Imagine a world where dental care mirrors the perfection found in nature—where less is more, and precision reigns supreme. That’s the essence of Bio-Emulation.

Webinars Tailored for You

Our exclusive series brings together a global community of dental professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts who share a passion for biomimetic dentistry, digital innovations, and cutting-edge dental technology. These webinars are not just informative; they’re transformative.

These webinars are exclusively led by Bio-Emulation members—experts who live and breathe this philosophy. Their insights, case studies, and practical tips will empower you to elevate your practice and enhance patient outcomes.

Mark Your Calendars

Our webinars will be held monthly, always on a Tuesday evening. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner, a curious researcher, or a dental technology enthusiast, these sessions are tailor-made for you. Join us as we unravel the mysteries of Bio-Emulation and redefine the future of dental excellence.

Stay Connected

Keep an eye on our website for upcoming webinar dates, speaker lineups, and registration details. Let’s come together, learn, and shape the future of dentistry—one Bio-Emulated step at a time.

Back in 2020 we created a unique experience with an EPIC webinar run by Dr. Stephane Browet and Dr. David Gerdolle

These are some testimonials from what people said about it

For over two decades I have routinely utilised rubberdam for isolation and yet I learnt so much more in this Epic Isolation course.

The only problem I have with this webinar is that I learned so many things in one time that I already know I will forget a lot. I would like to review this webinar once in a while to improve my skills step by step. A kind of start-to-isolate II. Many thanks for the opportunity to participate and I hope there will be more of this in the future!

WOW! the BEST ISOLATION course i have attended so far…. Thank you for sharing such a high quality high on information presentation! a practical & very useful one!

Thank you for a fantastic and very detailed course quite unlike others which i have attended before.

Thanx for at very good training. Nice with a lot of practical things we can use Monday as ordinary dentists

Truly fantastic theoretical and practical approach of the webinar. Well organised. I feel very motivated to try and approach the failure free dentistry of Stephane and David!

Thank you for providing such an excellent educational session.  I’ve been using RD since I graduated in 1981 and I thought I was pretty good but there were still things that were valuable to me in that session.  Excellent value.  

Just great!

It was really great experience, it was long but it didn’t felt tiring. The mixture of clinical, theoretical explanations gave a better understanding on the given problems and how to solve them. Overall I’m really impressed and I will recommend it to my colleagues!

I regularly employ rubber dam isolation for my restorative work and quite adept at using it, yet I picked up numerous tips and tricks from these two masters. I am very happy with the content and the quality of this webinar. It was excellent.

The surveys spoke on their own!


Of attendees would recommend EPIC Isolation webinar to other people


Of attendees felt better trained after the webinar

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