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Mastering Shade Analysis

an intensive two day program searching for the excellence in the analysis and
comprehension of color in dentistry, for clinicians and technicians

24th-25th October 2020

16:00h – 20:30h (Madrid – UTC+2)

an exclusive webinar

maximum 20 participants

The Bio-Emulation approach as written in structural analysis and visual synthesis defined the new bases to consider for replication of natural tooth structures with composite resin. The penta_laminar concept represents the ultimate implementation of this philosophy: analysing different ageing stages to build a dynamic shade concept that adapts to nature. However, feasibility of application of this concept is compromised by its intrinsic complexity, not accesible to all clinical conditions. By analysing the key factors of natural structure’s ageing process and applying this knowledge to the material selection, it is possible to simplify techniques to make them approachable in all situations.
Achievement of aesthetic restorations that resemble natural teeth represent a great challenge for both dentists and technicians. Obtaining optimal results with the minimum number of try-in tests or repetitions necessarily implies performing a systematic and exhaustive shade analysis. Advanced photographic techniques need to be used for this task, including different kinds of illumination and precise calibration of RAW files.
Defining proper shade selection strategies for both composites and ceramics is of paramount importance for our daily work. The Bio-Emulation approach provides specific tools designed to increase dramatically the accuracy of our shade matching, including the custom_eyes shade tabs as well as the “state of the art” eLAB protocol, which changes the classic subjective approach into a new completely objective one with the maximum predictability.
Ultimately, a successful treatment will always be the outcome of a good communication with patient and perfect teamwork between dentist and technician.

Theoretical program – Day 1

  • Introduction to color in dentistry.
  • Basic color parameters: hue, chroma & value.
  • Opacity as value modulator.
  • Texture as value modulator.
  • Opalescence and fluorescence: myths and legends.
  • Bio-Emulation: a new approach to color in dentistry.
  • Optical properties of dental structures.
  • 3D anatomy: enamel vs dentin.
  • Understanding dental tissues ageing process.
  • Photography as shade analysis tool: dynamic light observation.
  • The penta_laminar concept: a dynamic layering approach.
  • Practical implementation: is it possible to simplify?
  • Emulating nature with a limited amount of shades. Simplification criteria.
  • Clinical application.
  • The tri_laminar concept: a simplified vision for posterior restorations.

Theoretical program – Day 2

  • Introduction to digital photography.
  • The photographic equipment. Recommendations for dental photography.
  • Revisiting essential concepts for dental photography: shutter speed, aperture, depth of field, ISO and white balance.
  • Digital formats: RAW vs JPEG.
  • Exposure control through histogram information.
  • Optimising settings to maximise the information recorded: understanding photography as capture-processing binomial.
  • The digital workflow.
  • Bio-Emulation: polar_eyes, fluor_eyes, white_balance & axis.
  • Bio-Emulation advanced photography protocol.
  • eLAB®: the revolution in shade management: capture-calibrate-create.

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