EPIC webinar – David Gerdolle – 4th June 2024

EPIC Webinar S1E1 – David Gerdolle

Vertiprep and no-post fiber reinforced core: a short clinical insight

4th June 2024 – 8pm CET (Central European Timing)


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For the third time this crown is coming loose with its “post and core build up”, what can be done?

For those who believe that a tooth always works better than an implant, this lecture describes in detail contemporary biomimetic solutions capable of reinforcing residual tooth structures and thus improving the prognosis of the new restoration. This objective is based on the synergistic combination of minimally invasive preparation techniques (“vertipreps”) and no-post fiber-reinforced core reconstruction, all of which are fully compatible with modern three-dimensional endodontic techniques.

Over the last fifteen years or so, “vertipreps” or preparations for crowns without clear finishing lines have made a comeback. Resurrections of the ‘trace’ cervical margin of the ancestral crowns with fitted rings, vertipreps or V-preps have logically accompanied the development of a new, highly resistant ceramic, zirconia.

These preparations offer the dual advantage of significant dental tissue savings, as well as unrivalled gingival conditioning and shaping.

The icing on the cake is that, by optimizing the ferrule effect, they act in synergy with modern coronal-radicular reconstructions, which are adhesive and have no root posts, thus strengthening residual dental tissue, particularly in the case of prosthetic re-treatment.